Well, that’s an interesting turn of events.
Since I’ve been updating, ah, infrequently, let me give you a quick recap.

It’s Tuesday. Edison is flying home to Rivendale to amicably divorce her husband Philo Pipkin, meet his girlfriend Agnes, and see her son Dilbert beginning on Wednesday. She’ll be flying back Friday, arriving Saturday.
Before she left, she gave her boyfriend Larry permission to frolic with Anya Langerak, but only on Thursday night.  Why Thursday?
Suddenly she’s giving him permission to frolic every night she’s away. Because she’s going to frolic with her former boyfriend Karel K. Peck, aka Killroy? So, you may wonder, was she planning on frolicking with someone on Thursday, and, if so, whom?
What does Rad think about this? Does he still plan to try to seduce her tonight?

So many questions. And it looks like someone’s not happy with the whole situation. And when that someone’s not happy, well, sparks may fly, buildings may topple, and you get the idea.