Over the years, Groovy, Kinda has received some mighty groovy artwork from some of the best creators working in webcomics.

For example, the mighty Michael Yakutis (Praesidium, My Girlfriend’s Dog, AndToBeLoved) presented us with our very first ever piece of guest art:

Groovy, Kinda pin up final1But he didn’t stop there!

ChristmasAnya EdisonMichael

CharliesAngelsSmallerThen it was the Reverend Vas’ (Rasputin Catamite, Rasputin Barxotka) turn to give us something sweet.


Not to be outdone, the staggeringly awesome Hjels (October 20th) presented us with this tasty Valentine’s Day present:

CatLarry EdisonRai StephShields

Have you read The Ruby Nation or Poet Kitties yet? Do yourself a favor and check them out! Here’s a gift from their creator, the talented Neil Kapit:



The wonderful Gual Kun, creator of one of the cleverest and mostest fun comics around, Doodlin’ Around, blessed us with this:



Now, there’s guest art, and there’s GUEST ART by melaredblu (Princess Chroma). She takes it to a whole new level:


Pyte Fang!


Do Androids Dream of…well, you get the picture.


Can you name all the Webcomic Underdogs?

Webcomic Pete. A very funny comic about making webcomics, created by the suave and debonair mcmasters. He presented us with a Secret Santa:

groovy kinda secret santa pic 1300

And then, as if that wasn’t enough, he created a love child for the happy couple for Valentine’s Day!


Then the hardest workin’ man in webcomics, Jessie Craig (Sweet Dreams Are Made of Worms),¬†took some time out from his busy schedule to lay this zesty number on us:



This gorgeous pinup of Edison comes courtesy of the wonderful creator of ¬†Vatican Assassins, MJMassey! Isn’t she beautiful?

Now, not all our guest artists make webcomics (yet!). Jerry’s nephew Mike, whom you know as Dragonsreach, showed off his considerable artistic talent with these two portraits of everyone’s favorite lush:
Edison 1 Edison 2

RobespierreI feel very fortunate to know such talented and generous people. Thank you, one and all, for this wonderful art. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. You’re the best.