Is this nifty or what?

I was lucky enough to be paired with the talented and nice melaredblu, creator of Princess Chroma, for the 1st Annual Webcomic Underdogs Great April Fool’s Day Switcheroo.

So, I did a strip for her, and she presented me with this colorful, charming, and fun guest strip! To answer my own question: Yes! This is nifty! I love it!

If you haven’t read Princess Chroma, take some time to bookmark it (or use the link to your right). I’ve read the whole strip at least twice, and it’s one of the rare strips that gets better with a second read.

It’s also one of the rare strips that doesn’t update often enough either, but I say that because I just love going to PC and reading the latest strip. I suspect it’s because melaredblu has a life or something. Anyway, it’s wonderful, I love it, and I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

Wednesday it’s back to Groovy, Kinda, and a character that you’ve only seen once before. Astute readers (you, you, and, yes, of course, you) know of whom I speak. Whether or not what Edison does is “really stupid” remains to be seen.

Happy April Fool’s Day!