Aaaand we’re back.

Astute readers (you, you, and who could forget you?) will remember what happens to Stephanie when Edison gets too close to her.

I think I figured out the whole “can’t draw” problem. It was the upcoming memorial service that was creating the artist’s block in my mind (this time).

So, we’re skipping past it to catch Larry and Edison discussing the greater things in life on Wednesday. And by greater, I mean, life changing. You’ll just have to wait and see.

And thank you for your patience. Again, I apologize. I really hate to miss deadlines, and I hope it doesn’t happen again.


Oh, and check out the Groovy, Kinda (or Crunchy, Kinda) cameo/shoutout in a really cool strip that goes by the name of MonkeyDogSnakeHuman. Just save yourself some time, because you’ll get sucked in and wind up going through quite a few strips. But then, you’ll be glad you did.