I guess they both told her!

Happy Monday. Coming up, we revisit an old haunt, where Edison and Stephanie take a serious look at what really matters. Hope you stick around!

And it’s cameo time again. The bunny in the window is Leopold (or Spiders) from Princess  Chroma, while those two dapper gentlemen are the loveable knuckleheads from AndToBeLoved (which really needs to update, hint, hint), while the cute bat in the window is Lucy, the star of the charming and funny Bat and Bunny. All three links are over there to your right, under More Groovy Comics.

Plus, we’re almost at strip #300! Who’da thunk, way back in January of 2012, that we’d run this long? And still not get Larry, Anya, and Edison together! Ah well, things have a way of changing, don’t they?