Library voices, Stephanie.
Oh my. Why is Stephanie interested in Clown Sex books? Ha ha-she’s in Anya’s favorite section!

And what does “Burbank” mean?
Glad you asked. According to a docent at the Luther Burbank House, my 1948 Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary was the last time “Burbank” was a verb. It meant “to improve something by grafting something onto it.”

So, they burbanked something onto Stephanie. But they didn’t feel it was right to make a radical change to her programming. Hmm…so, she knows what she thinks she was, but she’s not what she thinks she is, because she’s still isΒ  what she was.
Well, maybe we’ll clear it all up next time. Or maybe we’ll see what Edison has to say on the subject. That could be interesting…