See what good manners will get you?
Oh that Jacob. Oh that Eleanor. Oh that Edison. Let’s hope someone stops her in time. And Jacob & Anya too. The orgy’s not scheduled for a few more hours yet.
So, the Count being a musical star and representative of Chuckleslovakia at last year’s EuroSight musical competition came about following a conversation with the wonderful MJ Massey, creator of the swell comics Black Ball and Vatican Assassins, and avid Eurovision watcher. Thank you for the inspiration, mj!
Coming your way: Someone gets too close to an uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous, truth, and it’s up to Eleanor to distract them. You can imagine how that goes.
And, just as a cat may look at a queen, we get to see a princess! Stay tuned!

Knowing that Groovy, Kinda has the best readers anywhere, I’m sure you get the reference in today’s title.