Okay, this is not the strip I promised last Friday.

I had a full-page strip written and 90% pencilled. They were gonna go mini-golfing, Anya wore a tam-o-shanter, and there were some clever lines. The problem is, it just didn’t work. So I had to come up with another strip.

But what to write? Then I remembered these two perverted comic creators* who were clamoring for sex between Anya and Edison. And it made sense that they’d make out in the limo. And, frankly, I wanted to get to some of the other characters.

So, happy first of October! In other news, this is the day that I take possession of the used bookstore that I just bought. Yes, in addition to creating comics, and working in a library, I’m also a bookstore owner!

So, Wednesday, we’ll step back a few hours in time to see how Larry’s day is going.

I promise.

*who shall remain nameless, unless you check the last strip.