As Eleanor would say: “Whoopsie.” Edison really put her foot into this one.
How is she going to handle this?
Tell Philo that she secretly called Dilbert and they secretly spent all that time together secretly? And that their friend Alice knew all about it?
Whatever she does, it probably won’t be all peaches and gravy, I can tell you that.
But enough about that! Feast your eyes on this beautiful rendition of everyone’s favorite character, brought to colorful life by the immense talents of our very own melaredblu, creator of “Princess Chroma!

melaredblu and I were discussing lipstick colors, and she said Eleanor would look great in maroon. I said I couldn’t see it, (I’m more of a classic scarlet guy, myself) so she made it happen in glorious color. I love it! Maroon is Eleanor’s new color, darling.
And I love that expression. It’s so Eleanor.