“The Hjesleth-Driffill Diagram, created in 1923, was a joint Norwegian-American attempt to codify temporal predictions in spatial terms. Events and influences were given three values: a numerical weight, a distance along either a y or a y-not axis, and a color. The color was determined by the preference of the primary diagram creator.

The diagram enjoyed a fair amount of popularity during the Roaring 20’s, along with goldfish swallowing and phone booth stuffing. When it failed to predict such events as the Stock Market Crash and the Great Goldfish Shortage of 1927, it was quickly abandoned. These days it is used primarily by engineers trying to figure out relationships.”

But then, you knew all that.

Oh that Larry. As we know, his favorite color is blue, so that explains one part of the diagram.
Friday, Larry and Edison discuss the three negative strings. I think you can guess what at least one of them will be.
We’ll see you then!