Yeah, why is Eleanor running the discombobulationotron at night? Maybe the rumors are right. Maybe she did try to get her sister Victoria turned into a vampire, and wants her to turn her into one too so she’ll never age.
Or, maybe she wants everyone to think that that’s what she’s done. This is Eleanor, after all. Or maybe she wants everyone to think that she wants… oh, never mind.

“Wait,” I hear you ask, “what’s with the broken glass and the crater in the parking lot and Simon lamenting his new car?” Well, I’m glad you asked. The answer is in one of the greatest ever Groovy, Kinda crossovers ever, “Krampus, Kinda.” It’s the amazing Christmas crosssover that the talented melaredblu did at, well, Christmas. It’s wonderful, and it’s canon in the Groovyverse. Now’s your chance to get  your socks knocked off all over again.

And hey, what is it that Amy wants Eleanor to hear? Can you guess?
Next time, it’s back to Camp Runamucca! Maybe we’ll find out why Allen was carrying those cinder blocks…