Welcome back! After two and a half months, a long move, new job, new digs, no computer, and various other happenings, I’m overjoyed to say we’re back!

How I’ve missed you. It’s been far too long. Never fear, I’ve got more strips in the can, so we’ll be back to a regular weekly schedule. I know I should have waited till Monday to post this (Merry Christmas!) but I just couldn’t wait.

The gang’s all here! It’s the Thursday night Tunnels and Troglodytes (Trolls? I’m still working on it. Any suggestions?) game. With Jacob! You’ll remember that his character and Pyenor the Barbarian don’t exactly get along. That’s okay, because someone’s going to try to interrupt this game. Will they be successful?
Guess that all depends on who sh-I mean, they are. And how they go about it.

Stay tuned!