Between Edison’s fried chicken and Anya’s pie, they never stood a chance.

Hey! We’re back! It’s been a long, albeit productive two months. Since I didn’t have a computer that could handle graphics, I had to spend my time creating comics. I’m in the rare (first time in 5 years) position of having a lot of comics! No more finishing a comic minutes before I post it (at least for a few months anyway).

So, because I have a buffer and I missed you and we need to get caught up, I’m gonna publish every Monday and Thursday for the next 4 weeks.  Woo-hoo! Just like the old days!

And now, back to our story: Edison’s plan worked like a charm. But, why did she want to torpedo the game? Ah, we’ll find that out next time! Stick around!

Oh, and that motley crew in the first panel? That’s my homage to one of my favorite webcomics, “The Order of the Stick.” If you like D&D themed comics, or stick figure comics, or just hilarious (and often touching) comics, you really should check it out.

Hey! I’m back! And it feels so good to be with you again!