Oh brother. Looks like they’ve got themselves a plan. Of course, Eleanor has a few plans of her own. We’ll find out more soon enough.

And now you’ve seen where Nelson works! KGKG Radio! Puttin’ the tracks to the wax with the platters that matter! Your Kinda Groovy for Kids ‘n Grownups radio station!
Edison has some work to do too.

Don’cha dare touch that dial!


Did I mention that I used to be a disc jockey? Many years ago in Michigan and Oregon and Washington. It was a blast.


UPDATE: I’m sorry, but there won’t be a comic today. I had a lot to do the last couple of days, and I got the first 4 panels pencilled before I realized that it just wasn’t going to work. Since I have to start all over from scratch, the next comic will be on Monday. Thanks for your patience.