Well, Miranda is a pirate, after all. I don’t just wonder where she got the knife,  but where she was hiding it.

At least they seem to have tricked Miffy into letting them stay. As long as Miffy doesn’t do anything to arouse Miranda’s ire, that is.

Now that those two are settled (in a matter of speaking), it’s time to get to that game of Tunnels & Trolls! Will they play? Will there be giant war chickens? Will Lyssa play, and what would kind of character would she play?

Some of this and more will be revealed soon!

Speaking of cool stuff-okay, we are now-Neil Kapit, of The Ruby Nation, has posted the dystoipian future job of a certain famous Groovy, Kinda character. Read all about it here!

That’s so cool, Neil. I love it!