Remember back when we were supposed to call Sci-fi “Speculative Fiction?”
Larry and Edison are quoting from the wildly popular Sci-fi show: Wagon Train to the Stars, which ran for a number of years. Fun fact: The Famous Supermodel Victoria had a guest starring role on one episode. Because she has pointed ears (check “The Importance of Being Eleanor” if you don’t believe me), she was cast as a beautiful Rapscalulon commander who falls in love with her mortal enemy, Captain Puck.
Astute readers (you, you, and, of course, you) will recognize the figurines as Dumb Bunny from “The Inferior Five,” a short lived comic from the 60’s that I rediscovered recently. I love it, and one day I’d love to do a 4 issue mini-series of it. The other figurine? Well, I think you can guess that one.
Coming up: visiting with a couple of friends that we haven’t seen in quite a while. I think you’ll be pleasantly amused.