Aaaand, we’re off !

Don’t you think Edison’s enthusiasm is a little…over the top? Could there be something more going on? We’ll find out soon enough. Friday, they enter…the store! And who knows? There might be some cameos.

Speaking of which…here are some guest stars from many wonderful comics. Do check them out. I think you’ll like them as much as I do. Which is a lot.

First panel, on your far left, in the bookstore, is The Black Mudpuppy, star of an insanely clever and funny comic of the same name.

Then, it’s our old friend Tsar, from Rasputin Barxotka.

That cranky looking rabbit in the window is Ego, star of  Sweet Dreams Are Made of Worms.

Then it’s The Girl, The Baby (dog), and The Boy, from My Girlfriend’s Dog. You might remember that Anya made a cameo appearance a while back in their fine comic.

Following in their footsteps, we have Ruby, who some of you may know from the cool comic, The Ruby Nation.

Let’s see…ah yes, in Panel 2, we have my favorite character from one of my favorite strips. That’s Lena Weber, from Clockwork Atrium.

On the other side of Lena is April, who I’m sure is familiar, because she’s one of the fabulous characters from the fabulous strip, Princess Chroma.

Moving on to Panel 4, it’s, yes, that’s right, the Monkey, the Dog, and the Snake, from MonkeyDogSnakeHuman.

Whew. Hope you like the comics, and, as always, let me know what you think.