See? I told you Eleanor was just funning with them.

Well, at least we know what they’re all thinkiing. And it’s so nice of Eleanor to plan for everything. Oh, she’s planned, all right. That I guarantee. It’s up to everyone else to either play along, or try to stop it. If they can even see it coming.

Anyway, The Word For the Week is “jobberknot, -nut (Or hyphenated.) A tall, clumsy fellow.

Similar to jobberknowl, -nol(l), -nole. A fool’s head;a fool; coll. late C. 16-20 ob. ? ex. job(b)ard, a simpleton. Courtesy of Eric Partridge’s “A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English (8th Edition).” A book well worth having, I can tell you.

Obviously Eleanor is referring to Larry, since she would never insult dear Stephanie.

Next week: Another member of the team shows up, coffee is poured, hugs are hugged, and there may be dancing. Stay tuned!

And Hi BabyKay!