Just turn around and walk away, Lys. You have the food anyway.
Speaking of grub, Eleanor promised to buy Reade dinner when she got the book. We’ll see if Ms Turner ever takes her up on that, and if anyone survives.

The book must contain something important to hold Eleanor’s attention like that, or maybe, like me, she hates to be interrupted while reading. Either way, it probably contains information she’ll need for her upcoming Victoria visit (assuming that Vicky is a vampire, of course).
Next time, Edison and Stephanie try on some outfits that I know you’ll appreciate. Larry sure will. Stick around!

Oh, and I sort of made a new word! While researching Eleanor’s dialogue, I came across “mag,” which means “chatter.” Well, I wrote it in my sketchbook as “mag-chatter,” and thought that was the way it was supposed to be. Since it sounded perfect, I used it, and you can too!

Okay, enough mag-chattering. Talk to you soon!