“The adventurous gastronome, when he or she has decided to accept the challenge that Chuckleslovakian cuisine offers, could do worse than seek out Innesmount’s The Velvet Ham. Here the wily eel pudding rubs shoulders with the tart, seductive beet Jello, while the jovial Chuckleslovakian Plains Clam (served broasted or alive)  flirts with the unctuous fish boil with pork chop (blessed is the one who discovers the lucky pork chop!). Accompany your meal with a bottle of surprisingly promiscuous cabbage wine to complete the experience!”               Beverly Saddlesore, I Dare You To Eat That magazine.

For those of you who’ve never been in the Upper Midwest, along the shores of the Mighty Lake Michigan, here’s a description of a fish boil:


It’s well worth your time to seek one out if you’re in the area. Seriously.

Friday we’ll be introduced to the most beloved man in Chuckleslovakia!