When melaredblu, one of my two besties, and brilliant creator of two of the amazingiest comics ever, Here I Lie Awake, and The Refraction of Princess Chroma, said they had an idea for a G,K strip, I was, well, excited isn’t quite strong enough a word. I’ve loved their work since it began. Our crossovers and guest strips are some of my favorites.
Anyway, what’s Stephanie up to? Where is she going, and who is that? You’ll find out soon!

Also, Pops, so sorry I didn’t see your last missive. I’m doing well, still not drawing much, working 60+ hours a week, stocking up money for a return trip to Japan. I fell in love with the country. Especially Oarai, home to one of my favorite animes, Girls und Panzer.
Here’s a couple pictures:
Sorry, I don’t know how to put these in order. This will make sense a couple pictures down. Anyway, from Girls und Panzer: der Film. Lake Hakone – you know this from Neon Genesis Evangelion!Now you see why I put that first picture in. Oarai Tower The Torii gate on the rocks at Oarai.The elevator from Read or Die!