Face it-Robie never stood a chance. Anya is just that good. Well, she is a Children’s Librarian, after all.
I told you she was going to achieve the impossible-make Robespierre enjoy a bath.
Looks like Stephanie isn’t as happy with all this as one would expect, huh.
And all of a sudden Larry’s in a tearing hurry to get the game going. Or over with…

HEY! BIG NEWS! One of my all-time favorite comics, Doodling Around, is back! If you haven’t read it, run, don’t walk, to the link on your right, and have some fun!
Welcome back, fellow Underdog, Gual!


UPDATE: I’m sorry, but there’s no comic this week. See, it’s almost Hallow e’en, so that means Webcomic Underdogs Crossover time. I’ve been working on my contribution, and I’ve been blessed with an awesome comic for you, so, stay tuned! Groovy guest strip coming this weekend!