Stephanie may be a good kisser, but nothing beats the Edison/Larry combo! So far, Toivo’s plan is working okey dokey, eh? They’re all back together. We’ll just have to see how tonight’s get-together goes.
AND how Edison reacts to the idea that Eleanor wants to get them all together to decide who Larry’s gonna end up with. We know who Eleanor’s gonna choose, and you know what happens when you go up against her.
And remember when I said you’d see “something nobody‚Äôs done to anybody in the entire history of this wacky, zany, klookoo comic?” To the best of my knowledge, nobody’s ever given anyone a transfusion before.
Still, there’s room for surprises. Heck, we don’t even know what, or whom, the “secret weapon” is that Toivo was talking about.
Or why Miranda is chasing Caliban while holding a panicking Robespierre. If it ain’t one thing…