Welcome back! Got lots of groovy stuff to share this week. First off, especially for you, Pops, we have the first, obviously unused version of this page. I just felt that this page was too preachy and wordy, and just didn’t work as well. Wish I had realized it before I lettered it.

How about one from the Way Way Wayback Machine?
Okay, so I didn’t write all of the dialogue. This is still one of my faves.
Speaking of Eleanor and Mac (who is now called Nelson), here’s their first date, from 1980 (yes, I’m old).
They went on to run into a Green Demon (not Caliban) before I lost interest and moved on to other strips. See that “To Ellen?” She was the editor of The Lode, the Michigan Technological University paper, and graciously gave me my start in newspaper comics.

Which leads to the Big News: My good buddy and all around swell guy Mike Curtis, writes the Dick Tracy newspaper comic. Now, I’ve done a number of stories for him in the dim dark past, for his Shanda the Panda comic. Yes, I’ve written and drawn anthropomorphic comics. If you’re nice, I might share a page or two.
So, a couple times a year Mike has a guest artist do a two week, “Minute Mystery” run on Dick Tracy. Next summer that someone will be yours truly. For two weeks (12 dailies and 3 Sundays) I’m gonna be a nationally syndicated newspaper comic artist and writer!
Ever since Mike offered me this once in a lifetime opportunity, I have been walking on air. And spending hours working on the thumbnails and getting the characters right. It’s been a lot of work, and an amazing learning experience. I’ve admired Joe Staton’s art since “E-Man” in the 80s.” He is simply amazing, and I’m stealing everything I can get.

Thank you again, Mike. You’re the best.

So far, Mike’s approved the daily thumbnails and the first two Sundays I’ve submitted. I’ll keep you posted on the progress. For copyright purposes, I can’t post any of it.
But you can see the finished product around May of next year!
Oh, you bet I’ll keep you posted.