At least no one but Leopold got hurt. And he’ll be fine.
Well, hello Stephanie! Nice of you to drop in. Juno doesn’t seem too angry about the whole thing.
In case you’ve just joined us, we’re almost done with our crossover with the wonderful comic “Princess Chroma.”  melaredblu and I have been having lots of fun with this, and we hope you’re enjoying it.
Speaking of fun, I think I see some familiar faces in that first panel. Any guesses?
And speaking of familiar, Hjels, creator of the awesome comic “October 20th,” gave one of his handsome and talented characters a very familiar last name. Thank you for that, brother. You’re the best.
So, what’s coming up next? We’ll be wrapping up the crossover while Stephanie gets wrapped up in some new duds, and Leopold… aw no, that’d be giving too much away…
I’ll give you a hint, though. It’s in the current page of “Princess Chroma.”