And we’re back! Thank you for your patience. Sorry I’ve been away, but work has been hectic, and with my studio in the basement, sometimes it’s just too cold to draw. But there’s a legend of something called a “Spring” that some say may actually appear and bring warmth and light to our Northern Hemisphere lives. I’ll believe it when I see it.
So, this page began as a sequel to a page I never finished. I was making a “pre-party” page, and it just didn’t work. But I really liked this panel:

I hope you recognize those two. It’s that guy who started the famous barbeque place, “Sweet Baby Rai’s.” Yep, it’s Rai and Cat from one of the best webcomics on the web, the mighty October 20th.

Meanwhile, the party is starting up, and some notable guests have already arrived. You may recognize that shoulder on the left in panel 1 (hint:_____ de Largolino of the _______ Assassins). That dapper fellow on the right is none other than my pathetic attempt at LCpl. Tadeo Sasaki, from the awesome We Are the Wyrecats.

Coming your way next: More guests arrive, leading to a flashback of two of your favorite characters! Plus someone else! You’ll just have to stick around to find out who and what it is!