Oh that Eleanor. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if she’s irritated with someone or flirting (or just showing off).

I gotta say, this was a fun strip to make. Though I had to cut out a dozen or so really fun lines due to space limitations. Oh well, maybe next time.

Eleanor is using the word “macaroni” in the old sense of a, well, “Dedicated Follower of Fashion,” shall we say.
Looks like Edison’s having fun playing along, at least. Though all this talk of her drinking may alarm some of her close friends. And someone doesn’t seem to appreciate Eleanor’s flirting…
Also, some cameos in today’s strip…let’s see… in panel 1, it’s Chester from the wonderful comic “Black Ball,” Taeko Kondou and Yukari Akiyama, both from my current anime obsession, “Girls und Panzer.”
In panel 3 that fetching young lady feeding something to a certain Royal Plumber of Elysium (“The Refraction of Princess Chroma”) is none other than Odessa from “Blighted: the Odyssey.” another wonderful comic that needs to be in your regular reading rotation.

Next time-less sniping, more cameos, and somebody reminds someone of something. That’s all I’ll say for the moment.