Brought to you by the mighty, and mighty talented, melaredblu, creator of “Princess Chroma!”

Every year the Webcomic Underdogs do an April Fool’s Day Switcheroo, and bojemoi, did I luck out! Not only did one of my favorite creators do her take on Groovy, Kinda (and she’s defined the look of a number of my characters), but I got to discover a cool comic too. It’s called Any~Q, and it’s full of math, math puns, and occasional (well, more than occasional) silliness. It’s absolutely brilliant, and I had a great time reading the whole thing. Point is, I had the honor of doing a guest strip. Check it out!

Can you spot all the differences? Feel free to write ’em down in the comments. Don’t think you got them all. melaredblu is mighty sneaky.
Did I mention how much I love this?