Aaaand the kids are off on their Chuckelslovakian adventure! Leaving the poor parents (and girlfriend) behind.
Poor Triss. He’s just gonna have to entertain himself while those teens get up to what teens do when the adults aren’t around. Never fear. He’ll meet nice people on the airship, and the friendly Chuckelslovakian people will adopt him as one of their own.

“Many will be the pork chops he’ll find in his fish boil,” as the Chuckleslovakians would say.

Soo…this may be the last strip for a bit. I’m working on another project at the moment-a big one, and it’ll take most of my drawing time. I might post some older strips in the meantime. Rare stuff that you haven’t seen before.
And I’ll let you know what the project is pretty soon. One thing I can say: It’s really cool.