Happy 2021! here’s hoping it’s a better, saner, calmer, and more fun year for us all!

And sorry about starting the New Year off by being late. I was just about to scan this strip, when I realized it needed a “little more overinking.” But anyway, here it is! With a big Groovy, Kinda “Thank You” to best chums melaredblu and hipopotamo for helping brainstorm this strip.

Lots in store for this year. I’ll let it unfold as we go. I will say that next week’s strip (if I get it done on time!) will jump back to our favorite foursome (if you count Robespierre, and why woulnd’t you?). Big doin’s in the works!

UPDATE: That’s right. No comic today. I’m very sorry. It’s almost done.
I’m transitioning between jobs, so, for the next few months at least, I’ll be working 50-60 hours a week, so finding the time and energy to make Groovy, Kinda, will be a bit tricky. Rest assured though, that I’ve got some great stuff coming, and I’ll make time wherever I can.