Oh, poor Stephanie. It’s going to be an interesting morning.
Speaking of interesting mornings, we’ll see what Anya and Jacob are up to on Friday. At least Anya has to work today (today being Monday in the comic).

And yes, I was hearing Uncle Bonsai’s “Boys Want Sex in the Morning” when I was drawing this.


Let’s all give the Reverend Vas a big groovy thank you. She’s the reason you’re able to see a comic. I upgraded WordPress, and, once again, it wiped the site clean. But she stepped up and fixed it. Again. She is my guardian angel.

And she makes some of the coolest, most outrageous, smartest comics you’ve ever seen. Rasputin Barxotka, over there to your right. Click the link and add another favorite comic to your list.
Vas, you are too wonderful. Thank you.