Everybody who believes Anya raise your hand. Uh-that’s what I thought. Me neither.  Poor kid.
Sounds like Eleanor’s not the only one scheming here. Hey, Jacob and Esther get to be Chuckleslovakian royalty! Pretty sweet!

Good to know Vickie’s fiancee will be okay. Eventually. Though it’ll be a race to see which happens first-he’s back to normal or Victoria forgives Eleanor. Maybe Edison can explain that it was an accident. Of course, it may be too late anyway. More on that later.


This was an odd strip to do. I had a lot of things I wanted to say, but they only came out in fragments. So I tried to mash two stories together. Not sure how well it worked out, but it did give me an opportunity to draw another diner, so there’s that.
Plus, the ambulance? Modeled after the old “Paddy Wagon” model kit.