Oh my. Sober Edison is playing with fire. What’s with our girl? Is this how she used to be? Killroy certainly thinks so. Of course, he knows her from her younger, Dick Tracy days, when she had a taste for, ah, the criminal element. We’ll just have to see where she’s going.
Speaking of Dick Tracy, it’s up!  Check it out, and do let me know what you think.

Oh man, now I really want to learn color. I’ll never be as good as Team Tracy’s colorist, Shane, but still…
Let me give a big Thank You to Team Tracy for everything; Mike, Joe, Shane, and especially the mighty Shelley. Y’all are the greatest!
Oh, and I wanted to show the Tracy Folks and you a page that we ultimately didn’t go with. This is my idea for Scarmony’s kidnapping of Mysta:

I have an inked version, but I thought you’d like to see the pencils. Too bad we didn’t have room for this. Reade Turner would’ve appeared in a Dick Tracy strip!
Next time, Stephanie expresses herself, Larry looks smug, and Eleanor throws the ball into someone’s court. Stay tuned!