Once again, I want to thank you for your patience.  I know the schedule has been erratic at best lately, but it’s been a hectic bunch of weeks (work, holiday, work, acting plays).
But I have another strip almost done, and one pretty much done after that, so we should be okay for a while.

So…what the heck? Poor Tris, Malcolm, and Jacob! You would think a place as fancy-schmancy as Camp Runamucca would take better care of their campers.
Next time…somebody answers the phone. And wheels are set in motion.

On a side note; Do you realize we haven’t seen these kids since April of 2014? My goodness, time moves slowly in the Groovyverse. Well, we’ll see them again in just a few strips.

Speaking of cool stuff, Top Jim, of Top Jim Comics, the fine creator of the fine strip “Nate the Robot,” did this fancy-schmancy li’l slice of Guest Art for us all:

I love it. Thanks, tj!