“Nucleaire Romantiques” (1979-present) was one of the hottest bands to blow down from the frozen North of Michigan in the late 70s-early 80’s. Fronted by the blistering licks and staggering beauty of  Eleanor (no last name given) on lead guitar, the Romantiques were anchored by the thundering rhythm section of Toivo Mackelakangishelmuumaki (if I’m spelling that correctly) on drums and Nelson Marlowe on bass. Lyssa Strada rounded out the core line-up, laying  down the tasteful and playful keyboards. Special mention has to go to Larry Pye, their sound man and occasional percussionist.

‘We wouldn’t sound near as good as we do without the Pyeman,’ said Nelson, playfully punching Larry in the arm. ‘Larry’s the heart and soul of the band.’

Black Silk Stockings; Little White Lies was, unfortunately, the band’s only hit. Although it never charted nationally, it was a minor hit in the Upper Midwest. Too bad, because Black Silk Stockings had a tasty Power Pop vibe that many felt was a little too ahead of its time. The band continues to play occasionally, and is well worth seeking out for their legendary live shows.”

Excerpt from “If You Were Really Cool, You’d’ve Heard of These Bands,” by Smedley Trollope, 1992

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