“Zdpursknj, or “Satan’s Regret,” as it is known in Chuckleslovakia, is a curiously strong, and quite often lethal, liquor with more side effects on humans than red kryptonite has on Superman.

The origin of zdpursknj (or indeed, its correct pronunciation) is a closely guarded secret. That it is distilled from some kind of vegetable matter is obvious. However, exactly what kind of matter, and what is done to it during the distillation process is still unknown. Zdpursknj processing sheds (called bugout houses) are exclusively guarded by black, yellow-eyed pugs. Whether or not the pugs (a variety not found anywhere else on Earth) are involved with the distillation process is still hotly debated.”

Grecktdklskyvch Sprldstjdsko, A People’s History of Chuckleslovakia

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