Wow. They do good work, don’t they?

And in the universe of HMS Iolanthe, Earth is kept off-limits to almost everyone. Humanity lives on other planets or in space. There are a few thousand people who get to live on Earth, but for the most part it’s left to “grow back.”  So you can imagine the value of even one crate of real soil.
Wonder how much more they’ll have to pay? Sounds like our Eleanor didn’t get along with at least one of the crewmembers. Wonder which one?
And a big thank you to my 1948 Roget’s Thesaurus for helping with Eleanor’s dialogue. Every home should have one.
UPDATE: As you can see, there’s not a new comic this week. I’m away from my regular computer, enjoying the sun and fun of sunny California for a few days.
But never fear-Monday’s strip is going to touch base with two of your favorite characters! And introduce a mysterious third one. I can say no more.
Well, yes, I can: Have a swell week!