Apparently Mancanilla is even more like Toivo than we thought. I’d say “poor Prospero,” but he seems to be enjoying himself.
And hey-they’re at the favorite dining place in all of Innesmount: “Vorto’s!” That’s as good a way as any to let you know that “Uncle Robot Presents” is back, and even better than ever! If you have a taste for old school (think: Flash Gordon) rollicking space opera action, then you really need to check it out. I’m so glad to have them back and posting new strips again.
Speaking of great comic creators, I really want to thank melaredblu (Princess Chroma) and hippo (M9 Girls) for their help with this strip.  I drew it, but it just wasn’t good enough to post. Then, after a three way brainstorming session, melaredblu and I hammered out the kinks, and there you are. You’re the best!