Uh-oh. Now, there’s a scary thought.

In case you’re wondering where the argument in panel three came from, it’s from “The Importance of Being Eleanor” up there at the top. It’s a free comic-the bridge between “The Adventures of Lyssa and the Pirates” and “Groovy, Kinda.”

So, we should be back on a regular schedule next week! Can you tell I have my fingers crossed? I just have to finish this final page for the Webcomic Underdogs print book, and then I can focus on Groovy, Kinda. And when the book comes out, it’ll have an exclusive three page story that won’t show up anywhere else! Look for it this spring.

I hope your new year is going splendidly! The 2nd anniversary of Groovy, Kinda is coming up soon. Here’s to many more!