Not only is this not how Edison wanted to surprise Dilbert, this is definitely not how she wanted him to react.

Hey! Did I ever mention how great you (and you, and, of course, you) are? You all know Dragonsreach, of course. Well, we were corresponding about Edison’s reunion, and he came up with the line “I’m here, li’l deer,” which, as he pointed out, goes along with the “right there, li’l bear” line from here.

So, today’s comic has been written by Mike Dodds and myself. We hope you like it.

Speaking of things that you’ll love, feast your eyes on this beautiful portrait of everyone’s favorite lush!


Brought to you by the talented and generous MJ Massey, creator of one of my favorite webcomics, Vatican Assassins. Isn’t it beautiful?

Click on it to get the full gloriousness.