Wherein Edison learns the importance of keeping one’s door locked.
There’s a couple of special shout-outs to two of my favorite creators. In panel 4, you’ll recognize the hapless kids from “Vatican Assassins.” They’ve been wandering around the Groovy, Kindaverse for exactly one year now!
And, check this out! Remember back when October 20th did “Groovy, Kinda: The Musical?” It was only the most greatest cameo and greatest thing any comic creator ever did for another.
Well, Hjels, that great creator, sent me the wonderful banners from the musical:GroovyMusical2GroovyMusical1

So, in return, since you did ask for it, I put a puppy in Edison’s clown painting. Just for you, Hjels. It’s my way of saying: “Thank you.”
Pleasant dreams…