Oh, this just gets better and better. I think we know now why Eleanor wanted Edison along. I bet you can figure out the rest.
And “Keii’s Kafe” is a shout-out to one of the Webcomics Underdogs’ finest artists and writers, Keii4ii, creator of the amazing “Heart of Keol.” Really, check it out and get hooked.

Hey, next week’s strip has nothing whatsoever to do with Victoria, Edison, or vampires! Yes, your long wait is over. It does star three of your favorite people who aren’t Venusian Cat Girls or Green Demons. You’ll see soon enough.
But, before that, and extra special fantastic Hallow e’en surprise treat! Check back in on the 31st. You’re gonna love it.
Oh, and despite the goofed up numbering, this is the 600th Groovy, Kinda strip! Woo-hoo!