Yoiks! That’s gonna cause a panic, at least.
How are our heroes gonna handle this one? Will Larry come up with something in time? Will Lyssa figure out how to keep the police at bay? Or will they just come out and tell everyone that Green Demons don’t exist, but Sampson Enterprises has a dimensional gate and there’s all sorts of strange stuff coming through?
I think it’s safe to say there’ll be panic. And wheels will begin to turn. You’ll just have to stick around to see!
Oh, and I have the sweetest surprise for you on Valentine’s Day!Courtesy of Andy from “I, Mummy!” Ain’t it a peach?

Andy, than you so much!

I did a Valentine for one of my favorite comics, The M9 Girls. Check it out.
And a big “thank you” to melaredblu for putting this together. You’re the best.


Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!