Now that’s the smart way to start deceiving your friends. Start with the easiest person first. Sure, Stephanie will go along with it. I wonder if Edison feels guilty for misleading her? Maybe she thinks that, hey, Stephanie will make new friends and get to go to a wedding, so what’s the harm?

Now, trying to trick Eleanor is a whole ‘nother thing. Who knows? Maybe she’ll just come clean and accept the consequences?
We’ll find out in a while. Meantime, the gals are gonna stop in to Innesmount’s finest used bookstore for a little food and apologies. And more groovy 70s fashion!

Also, a couple of shoutouts to some fine comics and creators: Hjels, of course, all-around great guy and creator of the magnificent “October 20th,” which is really ramping up the horror and action and everything else right now. And Odessa, from the fine “Blighted: The Odyssey,” a comic you really need to get hooked on (an easy thing to do).