Okay, I know this strip is heavy-handed and soap boxy. But this is something I’ve wanted to address for a while now.
I-and a lot of my family members-have a sensory integration issue with things like gum chewing. Seriously. If you don’t have it, you have no idea how irritating it can be. Seeing someone chewing gum (or worse, hearing them) is like having someone scrape their nails up the base of your skull. It really drives me nuts.
So, the next time you’re chewing gum, there might be a very good reason why the person waiting on you won’t look at your face.
Ah, but enough of that.
Couple of cool cameos in that last panel. Chana, from Nate the Robot, one of my favorite comics over on Tapastic. And K.A. from Neil’s cool new comic “We Are the WyreCats,” one you really should check out.
Oh, and you’ll see we’re just a couple of strips away from our 500th!
I’m tossing around some ideas for that landmark strip. And I promise that I’ll try to keep it from finally arriving in October.
Thanks for reading, and thanks for understanding.