Well bless my britches! Welcome to the Madhouse, Mr. Percival Joy. Let us hope you enjoy a long career assisting the always amazing Anya Langerak.
Actually, I went through a number of drafts trying to point out what a feather in one’s cap it would be to work under her. The name Anya Langerak opens a lot of doors in the Groovy, Kinda library world. It’s basically a ticket to The Fast Track.
I just hope he’s up to the task. He’s off to a good start. He speaks fluent Chuckleslovakian, and Anya’s curious social life doesn’t seem to faze him.Ah well, it’s early yet.
Thank you for your patience! This strip took a long time to get right.
I’ve already started on the next one. I don’t know if it’ll be full of surprises, but I think you’ll learn some new (old) words, at least.