Reade Turner is a lot like me. When I had a used bookstore I used to hate phone calls. 80% were from people who either wanted books I didn’t have, or had books I didn’t want. So, to get four phone calls in one day from the same person (even someone as wonderful as Stephanie), well, I can understand her agitation.

Which is gonna cause some fireworks in our next installment! Edison and Reade and… you’ll see.

I love Lyssa Strada. Come what may, she and I spent over a year and 150+ pages together telling her story, and she’ll always have a special place in my heart.

And for those of you who think that Edison’s attire may be a touch, ah, racy for regular consumption, let me draw your attention to this li’l gem:
From the Sunday papers in December 1948. I’ve been reading the amazing IDW collections of Milt Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon, and this is but an example of what he would post.