I hope you’re having a great holiday season, and, since this is the last strip of 2016, I want to wish you a Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to a 2017 filled with lots of wonderful strips and your so great comments. Thank you for another year of making Groovy, Kinda so very special.
Time to learn a new word, or rather, re-learn a couple of old ones. Back in the day, “gimp” meant (among other things) spirit or vigor. A gimper was someone filled with spirit or vigor, and who did things better than other people. During World War I, your gimper was the man you shared your foxhole or trench with. He was your best friend and the person who you trusted your life to.
It looks like Simon and Larry may be more than just co-workers, doesn’t it? Maybe we’ll find out more in the future.
If you don’t recognize that handsome couple in the foreground of panel one, then you’re missing out! The cool kids know that Xy Phobus and Viola di Largolinio hail from Vatican Assassins, one of my all-time favorite comics.
Coming up next-Larry, Amy, and Simon attempt to cross dimensions with some unsettling results. Stick around!