Yay! ’bout darn time!
Well, long time no post. Dunno how it happened, but I was able to draw a whole strip. Let’s hope this becomes a habit.
Anyway, I wanted to do a sequel to melaredblu’s wonderful series and make it canon. So yes, Stephanie did go visit The Refraction of Princess Chroma‘s world (again!). Thank you again, mela, for your awesome work.
And yes, Larry wants to keep Stephanie Rossum happy. He’s not the only one. And yes, he wants the make up frolicking (but not like she imagines it).
Coming up (I promise!): Stephanie’s little jaunt has thrown a mighty big monkey wrench into someone else’s plans. And we’ll get an idea of how she’s taking it, dear.
I think you can guess who it is.
Oh, and the most important feature of today’s comic isn’t that it’s the first one in waaaay too long.
It features Miffy. That’th- I mean, that’s what’s really important here.