Of course! Edison figures out what’s causing Stephanie to want to kiss her, so the obvious solution is to go get dressed. Funny thing is, this is about as sober as Edison gets, so she must have a good reason.

Which you’ll find out more about on Monday, so hang around.

Plus, Stephanie looks kind of sexy in her new outfit, for those of you who like such things.

Speaking of keen drawings, check out the incredible Valentine’s Day card that Hjels did for Groovy, Kinda! Hjels is the genius behind October 20th, a really well done horror/thriller webcomic. It’s one of my favorites.

As he describes it: “Ten years after becoming killers, Cat and Rai’s backs are against the wall. Stalked every October the 20th by a vicious monster out for their blood, is this the year when they finally solve the mystery of their plight? Or is this the year the monster claims them for good?”

So, in the Valentines we have characters from both strips: it’s Larry & Catherine Marie Hoxley, Edison & Raimundo “Rai” Goicochea, and poor bewildered Stephanie & the mysterious Shields Francis McKloskey.

Is this cool, or what?